I am beyond creeped out by this. Luisa thinks it’s even more than one person. Not only is me talking honestly here causing horrific things to happen to her, which I am vehemently against whether or not I’m her friend, it’s also forcing me into being the bad guy just for talking honestly. I don’t want to be the person who accidentally sets the wolves on an ex-friend just because I’m too selfish to keep my feelings to myself. I’m also worried about how much these people know about us and how unstable they are, judging by the messages Luisa relayed to me.

But anyway, thank you.

I am most likely going to kill this blog and start a new one with a classified URL. I’ll give the new one to those of you interested in following me after I move.

Whoever you are, I don’t know if you get off on pissing me off, on pissing her off, or just being a horrible fucking human, but there is something very, VERY sincerely wrong with you. You make me frightened for the human species. Goddammit, you make me frightened for Luisa. You even make me frightened for MYSELF.

I have no idea how the fuck I ended up with someone like you following me and collecting and caring about the details of my social life, but you can go right to hell. And also to a fucking psychiatrist’s office before you become a danger to someone, if you’re not already.

I hope it helps her. She’s not fully on tumblr right now, her phone is just getting pinged each time the anon sends something. They’re still in her askbox, sending her different reasons to kill herself, all related to the words I used today.

I’ll tell Luisa this, thanks

Dear anon,

I would report you to the police if I could.


I don’t think this anon even really cares about me, but for some reason, volleys of hate to Luisa’s inbox coincide perfectly with whenever I mention her in passing in a text post.

Not only are you making her feel shitty, which is unacceptable because she never meant to hurt me, you are making ME feel shitty too for being part of the reason this is happening to her.

Whoever you are, she’s told me what you’ve written to her, and I really fucking hate you.

If I ever find out who is sending hateful anon messages to Luisa about me after I EXPRESSLY ASKED YOU NOT YOU, I will fucking end you.

Why the fuck can I not express a little frustration over past events on my personal blog without one of you little ASSHOLES going and filling up her askbox with hate? What the hell is wrong with you? I HAVE TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THIS. I DO NOT WANT THIS.



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soundnew said: Oh come on, after all that, were you really expecting the Court to just let her get off scot-free?